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Ethnicity and Culture

Final exam questions
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These are longer questions, not for your regular essays. Only ONE of these is your final exam.  You will write a slightly longer essay of 3-5 pages of typed, double-spaced answers. Use facts to support your argument and be sure examples are clearly related.  Show me you're THINKING!

1.  What roles have science and religion played in the social construction of racism and ethnicity?

2.  Think of the last three films or TV shows you’ve watched. How do they reflect the diversity of the US population? How are whites depicted? How are other groups depicted? Are movies a realistic lens through which we can see contemporary race and ethnic relations in the US and world?

3.  America proudly proclaims its history and identity as "a nation of immigrants", yet one of the hottest topics of modern public debate is immigration. What are the legitimate points on each side of this debate? What should our immigration policy be, in light of the contemporary world situation (economics, politics, etc.)?

4.  What social issues do you think are most likely to engender hostility along racial and ethnic lines?

7. In what ways do you believe Mexican Americans are in a different position than other minorities in the United States?

8. What is the future going to be, given the large numbers of Mexicans immigrating to the United States? What will have to change and how will it change?

9. Do you believe that racism against Blacks or Mexican Americans is a problem in the United States?

10. What do you believe causes different groups in American society to excel in different ways?

11. Describe a society without racism. What qualities would be noticeable?

12. What American values are violated by the effects of racism? What societal goals are more difficult to achieve?

Please try to use your own words to explain your position. Typed exams are best (especially with spell-check and grammar checks!).   Turn in the papers no later than the second to last class.