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Summer 2015 Daily Reading and Class Schedule

Ethnicity and Culture

This is the schedule for reading and for what we will discuss in class each date. Please note that you are required to do the reading  and chapter test BEFORE each class so you will be prepared to discuss it.


For this class:                Read this:


Monday, June 8             Review of Syllabus and course requirements

                                             Lecture: Race, Ethnicity, Culture

                                             Japanese Tourist Article on web page

                                             Fast Slow Cities Article


Tuesday, June 9            What do sociologists do?

                                            Chapter 1 Introduction

                                            1.2-1.2 Groups

                                             1.5 Theoretical Perspectives

                                             Essay #1 due


Wednesday, June 10  Questions of Accommodation in Culture

                                             1.3-1.8 Pluralism or Assimilation?


Thursday, June 11       Social Stratification Explained 3.4-3.5

                                             Social Change Movements 1.9

                                             Do Chapter 1 exam online

Monday, June 15          Film in Class: People Like Us


Tuesday, June 16         Essay #2 due

                                             Chapters 2 & 3

                                             Prejudice and Discrimination

                                             Stereotypes and Diversity of Groups

                                             Affirmative Action, Institutional Discrimination


Wednesday, June 17  Chapter 4 Immigration and Immigration laws

                                             Historical immigrations

                                             Debate on Contemporary Immigration Solutions:

                                             Should the US:

build stronger border fences and strengthen INS agencies?

Make it easier for aliens to work here (eg. Braceros)?

Make immigration easier for some or all countries?


Thursday, June 18       Essay #3 due

                                             Chapter 5 Ethnicity and Religion


Monday, June 22          Chapter 11 Muslims and Arab Americans

                                             Chapter 14 Jewish Americans           


Tuesday, June 23         Essay #4 due

                                             Chapter 6 Native Americans

                                             Chapter 7 African Americans


Wednesday, June 24  Chapter 8 African Americans today

                                             In Class: film, Central High, Little Rock, Arkansas


Thursday, June 25       Essay #5 due

                                             Chapters 9 & 10, Hispanic Americans

                                             Debate: Should schools have sheltered bilingual education                                                                                                                                                  programs?


Monday, June 29          Chapters 12 & 13 Asian Americans

                                             Model Minorities and Panethnic Identities


Tuesday, June 30         Essay #6 due

                                             Chapter 15 Women, Oppressed Majority


Wednesday, July 1      Essay #7 Due

                                             Chapter 17 Ageism and Sexual Orientation




Thursday, July 2          Films in class: portraying racism & sexism


Monday, July 6              Media and racism/sexism 


Tuesday, July 7             Essay #8 due

                                             Chapter 16 International Perspectives


Wednesday, July 8      Final Exam Due by beginning of this class!

                                             Debate: Should English be made the official

(legal) language of the United States?


Thursday, July 9           Final debate: Is it race or class that separates us in the US?



Schedule is subject to revision! Revised Tuesday. June 3, 2015