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Japanese tourist article assignment

Ethnicity and Culture

This article was in VIA, the AAA magazine, and it struck me as an interesting little bit of sociological research.  Read it and think about what other cultures might notice if visiting you and your family here in  Modesto. 
Write a short essay telling me what you think foreign visitors might find the same in our culture as theirs, and what they might find different.
Alternatively, you may  choose to write what you found the same and different when visiting another culture.  
The point of this exercise is to be aware of what YOUR culture is!  Think of the things you do and accept everyday and how that could change if you lived somewhere else.  It is about non-material culture, the ways we behave, the rules by which we live, the things we accept and don't accept as "how it's done".  This is NOT about landscapes or houses, but  about the expectations we have for how to live.  

Here is the article, in pdf format.  You will need Adobe Reader, and you will probably want to change the size at the top from 147% to 100%!

Let me know if you can't pull the article up.