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Debate questions

Ethnicity and Culture


1. Should Muslims be permitted to build a Mosque near the site of the former World Trade Center in NYC?

2. Should the USA embrace pluralism or assimilation?  What have we done?


3. What separates us more in America today, race or class?


4. Should America repay slave descendants?


5. Should the US:

a. build stronger border fences and strenghthen INS agencies?

b. make it easier for aliens to work here (e.g. braceros)?

c. make immigration easier for some or all countries?


6. Is there still discrimination in education?


7. Should health research include race as a variable?


8. Should criminal justice and anti- terrorist agencies be permitted to profile by race?


9. Should research examine racial differences in athletic ability?


10. Should we keep or rescind Affirmative Action programs?


11. Should minorities be portrayed as role models in the media?


Final exam questions are on this web site.


PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is subject to change!