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Read a peer-reviewed article from a Sociology journal.  Answer the following questions:


1.   What is the hypothesis or theory presented by the author?

2.   What method or procedure does he use to substantiate his claim? (e.g. interviews, surveys, government data)

3.   What data does he present?

4.   How was it gathered?

5.   Is there bias in the method, or was the data manipulated?

6.   What previous research does he present?

7.    Does he leave out contradictory  references?

8.   How well does the data prove his point?

9.   How might another sociologist follow up on this work?

10.                  Was this research significant, in your opinion? Why or why not?



These are not “Yes/No” questions.  Please give examples of your analysis where appropriate.  Be sure to identify the paper you are reading clearly at the beginning!


Each question is worth 1 point maximum, with the last 2 worth 4 points maximum each. 

Revised 05/29/2013